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Indonesian environment ministry to appeal air pollution verdict
In race to net zero, cities champion community-led green solutions
Vending machines bring safe, cheap water to Nairobi slums
Drag queens and refugee stories: touring the ‘real’ Hong Kong
India evictions during COVID-19 a 'human rights crisis'
Florida teachers on edge as mask war, COVID mark school return
In Buenos Aires downtown, a city seeks new post-pandemic life
China vows to curb urban demolitions, preserve cultural heritage
Biden vows to help Louisiana recover, promotes infrastructure plan
Vietnam's biggest city proposes economic restart
First Katrina and now Ida: Some residents think about giving up
South African train brings COVID-19 vaccines closer to people
White House tackles housing shortage with plan for 100,000 homes
White House calls for 'urgent' action to prevent evictions
U.S. infrastructure bill aims to cool heat inequity in cities
Flights restart from Kabul, Taliban hold first press conference
U.S. urged to boost transitional housing for homeless youth
U.S. judge will not block new COVID-19 residential eviction ban
Lebanese rediscover local flavours as crisis hits food imports
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Why the Olympics and sport will never be the same
Judge orders U.S. to respond to eviction ban challenge by Friday
Beirut marks one year since port blast with anger and mourning
Spurred by pandemic, Barcelona backs greener, car-free future
Decades-old Gaza homes make way for high-rises amid housing crunch
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