Forests and climate change

Protecting forests, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to curb climate change, and planting more trees can help. But forests are under threat around the world from agricultural expansion, timber cutting and other threats. What is being done to try and protect them?

With phones and seeds, jobless Kenyans tackle illegal logging Kagondu Njagi
With Assam silk, Indians fight climate change and trafficking Anuradha Nagaraj
More deforestation and less rain threaten Brazilian agribusiness Mauricio Angelo
Forest emission reductions get a makeover, with $1 bln new funding Megan Rowling
G7 brightens outlook for nature pact, pandemic threatens deadline Michael Taylor
Giant leap for nature? All eyes on China to land new global pact Michael Taylor
'We have history': Saving Kenya's last sacred forests Federica Marsi
Sami reindeer herders fear increase in Finnish logging Arthur Neslen
Brazil's promises to slash forest losses 'empty', researchers say Mauricio Angelo
Climate change forces rewrite of U.S. conservation strategy Carey L. Biron
Pandemic likely made 2020 'another devastating year' for forests Michael Taylor
Eco-friendly Eid: the Indonesian women on a mission to plant trees Harry Jacques
A firefighter confronts Siberia's wildfires: 'We had to surrender' Angelina Davydova
Tribes launch bid to protect Amazon at global conservation forum Anastasia Moloney
Colombia's Medellin plants 'green corridors' to beat heat Anastasia Moloney
Pakistan sends in armed force to stop logging in northern forests Imran Mukhtar
Winners of 'Green Nobel' fight deforestation, coal power Anastasia Moloney
Global rainforest loss 'relentless' in 2020, SE Asia offers hope Michael Taylor
From genes to chocolate, Brazil's Amazon looks for a new economy Fabio Zuker
Indonesia's palm oil-powered 'green diesel' fuels forest threat Michael Taylor
How Biden could use foreign and trade policy to protect the Amazon Anastasia Moloney and Fabio Teixeira
Struck by Amazon fires, Brazilians want environmental protection Meghie Rodrigues
As firms chase net-zero, backers say offsets are a partial answer Laurie Goering
Family men or forest destroyers? Meet the Amazon's gold miners Lucas Landau and Fabio Teixeira
Tropical farmers must grow more on less land, as policies shift Michael Taylor
Satellite alerts seen helping fight deforestation in Africa Sonia Elks
Planet's life-support systems need care to avert 'the next Wuhan' Laurie Goering
To ward off pandemic, India's indigenous tribes turn to forests Moushumi Basu
Africa shrugs off net-zero push without finance to follow Laurie Goering
Aiming to be carbon-neutral? Don't rely on planting trees Laurie Goering
Next pandemic? Amazon deforestation may spark new diseases Fabio Zuker
Pandemic sparks surge in firewood use in rural Kenya Kagondu Njagi
Indian teen's solar iron smooths a pressing problem: forest loss Manipadma Jena
Amazon losses help drive growing wildfires elsewhere in Brazil Fabio Zuker
Amazon indigenous activist wins ‘Green Nobel’ prize Anastasia Moloney
Brazil's new climate plan lacking credibility as forests shrink Mauricio Angelo
Central Africa seeks to make forests work for people and planet Megan Rowling
Few major economies investing in nature-friendly COVID-19 recovery Megan Rowling
Norway hikes cash for rainforests, aiming to slow losses Alister Doyle
'It burned everything': Fires surge on Brazil indigenous land Mauricio Angelo
Debt swaps could free cash to tame climate, nature & virus threats Laurie Goering
Logging and climate shifts slash forest carbon storage Michael Taylor
No let-up in global rainforest loss as pandemic brings new danger Michael Taylor
Cash payments to Indonesian villagers help forests too Michael Taylor
No excuse for failure to protect forests as fog clears on benefits Michael Taylor and Harry Jacques
Indonesia inches towards community forest goal, hobbled by virus Harry Jacques
UN charts new territory with project to track all Myanmar's forest Michael Taylor
Starting gun fired on hunt for billions to fund nature protection Megan Rowling
Inside the war against illegal gold mining in Peru's Amazon Max Baring, Dan Collyns and Anastasia Moloney
Cambodian rice farmers turn guardians of the forest Matt Blomberg
Brazil ruling sparks fears indigenous land could go to farmers Fabio Zuker
Looser rules on Indonesia timber exports spark forest fears Michael Taylor
Worsened by tree loss, flooding forces migration in Afghanistan Stefanie Glinski
Communities get bigger role running Pakistan's national parks Rina Saeed Khan
Malaysia to crack down on illegal loggers in forest law reform Michael Taylor
Catch 'em all: Pokemon-style app aims to save Indonesia's forests Michael Taylor
Pakistan's tree-planting push has a sweetener: more honey Imran Mukhtar
Five trees or a latte? Communities seek crowdfunding for mangroves Michael Taylor
Rainforest role as climate protector shrinks on hotter planet Michael Taylor
U.S. tree-planting push to curb warming, boost jobs Carey L. Biron
Machetes in hand, women fight logging in Solomon Islands John Beck
Forest loss seen slowing globally, but progress patchy Thin Lei Win
Ethical wood label to revive checks after pandemic forest fears Michael Taylor
Investing in nature-rich countries is 'insurance policy for all' Thin Lei Win
Ghanaian activists sue government to save forest from mine Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu
New platform matches funders, tree planters to protect forests Anastasia Moloney
'Party' ahead for loggers? Cuts threaten Mexico's national parks Oscar Lopez and Christine Murray
Rising pressure on land as India launches urban forest plan Rina Chandran
India's virus lockdown fuels timber-smuggling in Kashmir forests Athar Parvaiz
Under the cover of lockdown, illegal logging surges in Tunisia Layli Foroudi
Brazil's indigenous seed collectors in demand for forest revival Laurie Goering
Scientists warn forest fires could worsen coronavirus harm Megan Rowling
Colombia receives multi-million funding boost to protect forests Anastasia Moloney
Green stimulus: Pakistan sets virus-idled to work planting trees Rina Saeed Khan
Flying high: Brazilian tribe watches over forest with drones Fabio Teixeira
As Amazon fire season looms, smoke and virus could be 'a disaster' Mauricio Angelo
COVID-19: What lessons can we apply to battling climate change? Laurie Goering
Indigenous leaders fear Amazon port could be conduit for COVID-19 Mauricio Angelo
Kashmir fells trees in effort to fight coronavirus panic Ashutosh Sharma
Brazil sees week of 'attacks' on indigenous rights - congresswoman Fabio Teixeira
Half of top businesses lack commitment to prevent deforestation Anastasia Moloney
Money trees: U.S. cities find new ways of valuing urban forests Carey L. Biron
Buzz off: Malawi communities scare away loggers with beehives Charles Pensulo
Deforestation risks rise as coronavirus hinders SE Asia protection Michael Taylor
Can planting trees really stop climate change? Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil indigenous village banishes miners to cut coronavirus risk Mauricio Angelo
Forest monitoring gets a boost from Japan space agency data Thin Lei Win
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