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Calls for new laws as tech fuels 'explosion' of online sex abuse
AI bots to user data: Is there space for rights in the metaverse?
Facebook plans to bin thousands of sensitive ad-targeting options
Privacy-focused startups see boon in big tech's troubles
Crypto queens: Women stake out space in blockchain world
Fossil fuel-free future not impossible but disinformation a threat
The invisible barriers to tackling the digital divide
SIMs to leaflets: Sudanese find ways to skirt net outage
Tackle racism in AI, BLM co-founder tells tech bosses
Australia says facial recognition software firm broke privacy law
Facebook will shut down facial recognition system
Facebook working on ways to protect users in the 'metaverse'
New China privacy law to be 'major' force globally
Afghan girls learn in secret classrooms to bypass Taliban curbs
Slowdowns and shutdowns: Africans challenge internet restrictions
TikTok tells U.S. lawmakers it does not give information to China
Nigerian start-ups digitise local food supply chain
Amazon, British spy agencies to boost use of AI for espionage
Facebook knew about, failed to police, abusive content globally
Africa urged to wake up to growing state surveillance threat
Click selfie, vote: India tests mobile ballot despite privacy fear
Pushback against AI policing in Europe heats up over racism fears
Why social media sites are inviting people to share their pronouns
'It's our stuff': consumers wage right-to-repair revolution
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